Michael Burnes Projects Resume

Michael Burnes

B.S. Computer Science @ Northwest Missouri State University

About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate from South City St. Louis, Missouri. I have a passion for all things computers, IT, and networking. Solving strange problems and creating cool services is what makes me tick. I am a programmer, musician, team-player, and occasional athlete.

I've been the "computer guy" for as long as I can remember.

I've been tought music since I could talk, and I began playing music during my sophomore year at Bishop DuBourg High School, and joined the Jazz band senior year. I got involved with the IT department, where I got my first taste of Windows Server and Active Directory management.

I have experence in C++, Java, JavaScript, and HTML as well as beginner's knowledge in Ruby. As for Cybersecurity work, I've extensively used Burp Suite and many CLI tools for application auditing.

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